Thursday, June 21, 2007

LOTRO Journal 6.21.2007

Last night I got my Human Guardian within spitting distance of 33. Then it’s two more levels and I’ll be able to get a mount! Money-wise I’m almost there too. Three gold and change right now and, the way I’ve been selling metals on the AH, I should be able to get there no problem. My Hobbit Hunter has been on hold and is still 26 but I’m looking forward to playing him again soon. The thing I try to do with my “main” and “alts” is keep them far enough apart in levels so I don’t do some content on my alt that I just completed on my main. That would get old fast.

Main: Warg 997 dead … warg 998 dead … warg 999 dead … 1000! Wooo!

*logs off main*

*logs on alt*

*talks to quest contact*

Alt: “Kill 1000 wargs?!?! #$%#!!!!”

*end dreamfade*

In other news, my kinship is falling apart. (Yeah, this post is kind of an emotional rollercoaster ride.) Granted, there are five of us in the guild with only three of us on regularly, so it doesn’t take a lot to derail the thing. I could open up recruiting, however, with so few people in the guild, it would be like inviting people into a ghost town. I have been looking for other guilds we may be able to merge with also. Sadly, while we’re similar enough to enjoy being in the same kinship, we can’t seem to agree on a guild to get into. Meanwhile, one of our most regular members has left LoTRO and returned to WoW. She will be missed.

I’ve been debating returning to WoW also, but haven’t yet been able to bring myself to do it. At the end of the day, WoW is still just WoW. It’s a great game and was a lot of fun. I still recommend it to friends of mine that are looking for a new game but haven’t played it yet. But 2.5 years of the same stuff over and over has prompted me to move on. 2.5 years is the longest I’ve played any game, beating the old record (1 year for Heavy Gear 2) by a whole year and a half. Like I said: it is a great game, but it’s a game I’ve played already. No game lasts forever and no game holds someone’s interests forever.

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