Thursday, June 14, 2007

LOTRO Journal 6.13.2007: Shores of Evendim

Last night was the big patch / expansion for the Shores of Evendim in the Lord of the Rings Online. It took quite a while to download the patch which took up a big chunk of my play time. I’m thinking that my friends are correct in admonishing me to get bit torrent.

Once I was finally able to log in, I pretty much bee-lined the new zone: Evendim. Very nicely done! I didn’t have a lot of time to quest or explore but I enjoyed my little run through of the content. It appears that there should be doable quests in the zone starting around level 25 or so. I enjoyed the varied topography (it even has a beach!) and the mob variety seemed interesting (some are identical to what we’ve seen before though there are some new ones). I’m looking forward to my adventures there!

Other changes in the content patch were a lot of minor icon changes and some interface changes. All the little changes are much appreciated. Stable masters you haven’t visited will have glowing icons over their heads. The font on the names had been reduced. There is an /rp on flag which will not only lable you as a roleplayer (which it did before) but also change your name text.

In other news, my Human Guardian finally hit 30! I’m loving my new bow skills. No more body-pulling for me. I’ll probably wrap up some more North Downs quests before heading over to Evendim. Seems like everyone is in Evendim, so finding mobs in other zones should be less problematic. Tonight, I may log in as my Hobbit Hunter to take advantage of the Farming profession changes.


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