Monday, November 06, 2006

((Back in Black - Return to the Horde))

((I managed to get my internet connection back up and running last week and, after some hemming and hawing and goofing around with alts, I’ve decided to make a return to the Horde side of the WoW equation. I won’t be deleting any of my Alliance characters, of course, and there may come a point in time where I will return to them. For now though I’m having way too much fun on my Tauren shaman and my Tauren warrior to think about heading back to playing a raiding paladin again.

I’ve been enjoing playing my shaman for many of the same reasons I used to like playing my paladin: group versatility. I can heal, buff and fight fairly effectively and will probably doing all three of those things during the course of any fight the group is in. My raid pally, on the other hand, is pretty much limited to spamming heals and / or buffs with the occasional melee break from the norm. YAWN. My short-term goal is to get my shammy to 60 before the expansion. Seeing as how the expansion is coming in January, I think I should be able to make it in a reasonable amount of time and still be able to take some time to get better gear, etc.


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