Saturday, September 27, 2008

LotRO: Harvest Festival

The Lord of the Rings Online is having another Harvest Festival from September 26th until October 12th. I've run around a bit doing some of the festival content and am enjoying it. The dance instructors are back as is the race for the Harvestmath pony. One of the new additions this time around is a trick-or-treat type game you can play. Talk to the trickster near the festival area (the one for Men is actually in Bree and the one in Thorin's Hall is in the main entryway) and run around looking for people to talk to. The person will have a text blurb for you to read, then you do the emote the text is hinting at. It's a timed quest (20 minutes, I believe). Rewards include three festival tokens or a receipt for a special mask (pictured is the "bucket" mask from Thorin's Hall).

Edited for picture and technical detail.

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