Monday, July 21, 2008

Book 14 on 7/22

LotRO's Book 14 free content update will go into effect tomorrow. The servers will be down from 6AM until 12PM Eastern for the updates.

You can follow the links from the LotRO forums to get the uTorrent info or other download options. I highly recommend the uTorrent - seems to work faster than the standard updater gizmo included in the game.

The full release notes are also available and include such tidbits as:
  1. A new area: Eregion where the ring-forges are located.
  2. Another epic book quest.
  3. Prelude quests to Moria!
  4. Upgrades to loot found in several dungeons.
  5. New character animations.
  6. Monster play changes.
  7. Crafting changes, class ability changes and a bunch of other stuff.

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