Saturday, February 09, 2008

LotRO Book 12

Book 12 is coming this coming week! Yay! If past updates are any indication, the latest Book update should provide a lot of new content at no cost to the players (except download time and possibly a few bugs).

Game spot has an interesting review of the new content and there is a post on Turbine's LotRO site as well.

The changes most interesting to me are those for clothing and housing. As a Hobbit Burglar, I have always felt a tad out-of-sorts wearing smaller versions of the armor and weapons that the big folk wear. Now I'll be able to customize his appearance to make him look more like a resident of Middle-earth and less like a subdued version of something you'd see in WoW. Housing should be neat also since I'm tired of looking at the same old furniture. Other interesting stuff is the great Angmar revamp (fewer boars! Woo!) and the addition to the Book questline.

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