Friday, August 10, 2007

LoTRO Journal: 8.8.2007

My Burglar hit 34 last night making him one level away from getting his pony. He’s been in Evendim for a bit now in addition to some Trollshaws and the North Downs. One interesting thing is that I’ve just about run out of non-group quests I can do. With the Evendim expansion, I had plenty to do on my Guardian and Hunter. Things are getting a little tight, however on my Burglar. I’m wondering if my approach, as a Burglar, to many quests is the issue. For most classes, one would need to fight into and out of a quest area to complete the objective. Since mobs give experience points, their xp contributes to the total xp for completing that quest. As a Burglar, I tend not to have to fight too much to get to my objective, I just sneak to it. I tend to ram through quests fairly quickly but with a low body-count and thus a low count of xp from killing mobs. Over time, I suspect the xp deficit adds up. My solution, in the short term is to dedicate some time grinding mobs to make up for the lost xp. Grinding is not a favorite activity of mine, however, combined with possible traits / titles and some burgled loot, I’m sure it will be bearable. I’m also in a new kinship so maybe completing some of those group quests is a possibility even though most of the people I know are over-leveled for them.

Though this is my third time in Evendim, I’m not tired of it (except for the travel distances – swimming across the giant lake in the middle of the map gets old fast). It’s familiar enough that I’m not lost all the time but still unfamiliar enough that I’m finding new things.

I also got invited by some upper-level kinship mates to go on one of their upper-level romps through an instance. Sadly, I’m not even sure what the place is called (for those in the know, it’s the instance with the blue lady and the giant turtle boss). Most of what I remember is how ineffective I was at level 33. I had fun running around with the crew but for all intents and purposes, they five-manned it with a short guy (me) that just kinda poked things with knives on occasion. Unlike many of the instances I’ve been in thus far, this instance didn’t seem to be that long. We were in there a couple hours tops and the people I was with seemed to know where they wanted to go.

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