Friday, May 11, 2007

LOTRO Journal: 5.11.2007

Had a lot of fun last night. I logged into my guardian (level 21) and headed out to the Forsaken Inn. (I love the horse rides in the game!) From there, I ran east rather than take the next horse path to the next encampment. En route, I mined a bit and killed the random orc or wolf. About part way to the fort, I reached some ruins I recognized. I checked my quest log and I needed to take down halforcs and get some crates in there. So I ran around doing that until I had all my crates and most of the half-orcs. Then I started exploring around the ruins. I saw some pretty neat stuff and took some cool screenshots. I spotted a tower that I could stand on top of and look over the whole complex, so I ran along a ledge and jumped on top of the tower. Unfortunately, the wall of the tower was too high to see over to get good screenshots. Even more unfortunately, the wall is too high to jump over to get off of the tower. *sigh* So I mapped back to Bree and repeated my ride and run back to the ruins to kill off my remaining half-orcs.

I finished killing off half-orcs and made it to the next fort. Turned in the one quest and then another I didn't realize I had completed. Chatted with some kinship folks and then set out for some exploring. I ended up discovering a couple new sets of ruins, killed many an orc, killed a bunch of wargs and generally just wandered around goofing off. Thanks in large part to the graphics quality, the detail in each discovery was impressive: the moonlight shining off the waters of the swamp in the southern Lone Lands, the orcish campfires in the ruins, the rage effects of the lethal tarkips and my defensive manuvers.

I had a blast just running around and goofing off. And somewhere along the way I got 4000 xp from level 22, managed to get a decent amount of silver and enough mats to start crafting some more metalsmith items.

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